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North Avenue #2: 8AM Classes

Post by: Blake
Posted on: 10 Cado 7:2 - 18.16.97

Do not sign up for 8 AM classes. The only useful thing you will ever learn in them is how to induce 4-second refreshing REM cycles while your professor scribbles something on the board.
Although, that might actually be something worth knowing...
PREVIEW: nac_0002tn_8am_classes.png
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User Comments: 2
Post by ThatOneBlondeGirl on 11 Ineo 6:4 - 16.39.81
You only learn that if you can convince yourself to get out of bed. I certainly didn't. 8 AM classes are the bane of my existence.
Post by the Dark Hunter on 11 Ineo 6:4 - 18.1.83
Is that actually possible? If so, I really need to learn how to do that. College has obliterated my sleep cycle.
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