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North Avenue #15: Bottlecap Burn

Post by: Blake
Posted on: 10 Cado 7:4 - 1.1.92

PREVIEW: nac_0015tn_bottlecap_burn.png
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User Comments: 4
Post by ThatOneBlondeGirl on 11 Ineo 13:1 - 16.17.82
I don't understand.
Post by RainingOnYourParade on 11 Ineo 13:1 - 17.83.6
When you try to open a really tight bottle cap, it can make your hand feel like it's burning. So then cartoon-Blake poured the contents of the bottle onto his hand to relieve the burning. No more bottle contents for drinking :(
Post by ThatOneBlondeGirl on 11 Ineo 13:3 - 5.0.25
Oh! I didn't understand the fire. Thanks!
Post by beary605 on 11 Ineo 13:3 - 16.42.8
Gosh, I hate Bottlecap Burn.
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