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North Avenue #14: Oil Change

Post by: Blake
Posted on: 10 Cado 7:4 - 1.0.9

In the height of the cold war, Soviet scientists developed a form of psychological torture. Their spies and other covert officers in the US deployed this instrument of terror upon our civilians. This form of torture is known as the Oil Change waiting room. Observe:
Are you going to put up with that? It's un-American! Here are some some NP-approved suggested changes...
McDonald's Play Place style Ball pit!
Unused exercise equipment!
Whatever the hell you call these things!
Remember as an American, you can't just let people force you to sit around and do nothing. It is your duty to waste time in style. Otherwise you're one of "them".
PREVIEW: nac_0014tn_oil_change.png
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User Comments: 2
Post by eofpi on 10 Cado 7:4 - 1.26.2
I call those things Newton's cradle.
Post by Erik G. on 11 Ineo 10:5 - 17.52.27
newton balls!!!!!!!
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