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March 19, 2018
He spent it all already. That's what he'll talk about.
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Accessibility Explanation:
[1] Zach, the protagonist (Yup, that's his name apparently) is sitting at a computer desk. There is a gray coffee mug with a magenta bendy straw sticking out of it next to the keyboard and mouse. That's not actually important. I don't know why it's even there. Anyways, Zach is holding a phone and is talking.
"Hey, how'd the demo with the investors go?"
The person on the other end who cannot currently be seen says "It went awesome! We got our series B funding!"

[2] Zach replies "Sweet! Does that mean we can finally hire a real UX person?"
The person on the other end says "Well...not quite yet..."

[3] Now the face of the person on the other end of the phone can be seen. It is a man wearing a suit. He is wearing aviator sunglasses that are very reflective and so his eyes cannot be seen. His tie is red and slightly loosened and his hair is styled in what is called a "Bro-hawk".
"I may have made some company morale investments, so to speak" he says.
Zach, who can not be seen in the frame says "What do you mean?"

[4] Now the frame shows the suit-wearing man's entire body and surroundings. He is standing by the side of the road in the middle of the desert. He does not have any socks or shoes, half of his shirt is untucked, the large end of the tie is very short and the skinny end is very long and his left pant leg is torn away and missing from about the knee. His jacket sleeves are also torn off. There are minor cuts and scratches on his arm and leg. "Can you pick me up from Tijuana? We can talk all about it on the way back" he says.