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January 12, 2018
You see, if each government building's latitude and longitude has a sha256-encodedNO I JUST CAN'T. DON'T MAKE ME.
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Accessibility Explanation:
[1] Without any previous context, a man very excitedly points off the edge of the page, presumably to the person he is talking to and exclaims "I'm glad you asked! I use...".

[2] With a large smile on his face, he then energetically claps his hands,

[3] spins dramatically in a circle as though performing a pre-rehearsed dance routine,

[4] throws confetti into the air,

[5] and then raises his arms and proclaims "Block Chain!" while the confetti falls down. His smile is still prominent and his eyes are slightly pointed away from each other, implying that he is in some sort of self-induced ecstatic trance and really proud of himself. The confetti mostly falls into the hair of the person he was originally talking to who is now visible in the panel, and is apparently an old woman with an expression on her face that implies severe disinterest. The caption indicates that she had asked for directions to the post office, which is unrelated to any conceivable application Block Chain.