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Don't worry, I'm not selling anything. Just giving a shoutout to one of my open-source side projects:

I created a programming language for beginners and am looking for people to test it out. If you have a spare moment (particularly if you haven't programmed before) and you're interested in making 2D games, please check it out.

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Welcome to a website called Nerd Paradise. If you couldn't surmise from the title, I started this site in the 90's. If some of the articles sound like they were written by a high schooler who thought he had life all figured out, it's because it was. I continued posting through college, and then neglected it for about 11 years.

The last major site re-design took place in 2008. In 2017, my site was starting to look a teensy bit out-dated. Because I don't do anything half-assed, I decided to convert it to full 90's Web 1.0 style. Yes, it is supposed to look like this HTML TABLE LAYOUTS 4LYFE I am a software engineer and I work at Google still.

This used to be a catch-all site back in its heyday, then I turned it into an academic wiki and lost most of my users, then I turned it into a blog and lost the rest of the remaining users. So I must have been doing something right back in the 90's.

Since I don't plan on posting too actively I'll go ahead and throw out a plug for my other sites and projects:

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