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Origami Crane


Fold it in half, diagonally...

Uncrease it.

Fold it in half, not diagonally...

Uncrease it.

Do it again but in the other direction...

Uncrease it. Now you have crease like these:

With these creases, if you bring the corners in, it will sort of collapse in on itself like this...

Flatten it.

Put the open part at the top like this...

And fold the upper edges in towards the center...

Do the same thing on the other side...

And uncrease them...

Now, pull the top corner down towards the bottom. With the creases you previously made, it should just fold out like this...

Flatten it.

Do the same thing to the other side.

Fold the bottom edges towards the center.

Do the same to the other side...

Fold the top part down on one side. This will eventually be the wing.

Do the same to the other side.

Pull one of the bottom appendages up.

And the other...

Now make a head...

And you're done.

Action shot!

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