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Origami Turtle

Start with a sheet of paper.

Crease it diagonally.

Both ways.

Now crease it the opposite way vertically (or horizontally if you tilt your head).

This looks hard, but with the creases in place, it should naturally take this shape if you ask it nicely.

Creaese the two ends up to meet the top.

It was just a crease.

With those creases, invert the thingy like so and fold it up.

It should look like this.

I took two pictures. I don't know why.

Open the flap up and fold it along the already existing crease.

And it'll look like this.

Be sure to do it to the other side as well.

Fold the top flap (behind the two loose flaps in front) down such that the top point meets the half way.

Fold the two thingies to look like this.

Now fold the lower edges inward to the center.

Flip it over.

And do it all over again from step 5.

Fold the two lower branches up. Like a crane.

A head.

Fold the four legs down.

Inflate from the bottom and pull it apart into the 3rd dimension.

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