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im watching cyberpunk edgrunners right now. i like it a lot
gg nice
also, do you know who named my server hell?
hop on here please
yo. im gonna have to talk to you through here for a while, man
check my questions please and put the new answers on here for me
ok samus you have to change your tcas link to creeper to continue the chain is that fine
can you do it for me please?

i dont have a phone for a while...
thank you
samus you're gonna need to not have that pfp if you want me to go on here. because i'm at school and teachers will not like that pfp
sorry man
it's fine lol
i'll post the questions in a little bti
thank you man
Watching JoJo right now. Only seen a few episodes before... Not all in season one tho
  • it really starts to pop off in part 3
Just finished watching Cyberpunk Edgerunners
  • good
  • God I love that show.
  • Thoughts?
  • Rebbeca be like
Where can I watch Arcane: League of Legends for free
  • its a Netflix original but if you mean random ilegal websites then idk sorry
  • I bet you’re gonna totally find it by searching on bing
  • piracy
  • nice try fbi
  • Maybe nyaa might have it? Assuming you have a torrent. Animepace if that is still up.
Currently obsessed with Cyberpunk edgerunners
  • same.
  • I'm almost done with it. It's pretty cool.
  • being honest cyberpunk is actually a cool game now that they fixed all the bugs (meaning more content) and also revival via anime
  • I think I have seen about half of it. I wish there was full frontal nudity of male characters instead of just women, but other than that I'm not mad
Anybody know any manga sites that I can use at school?
  • does mangadex work? that's where i usually read my scanlations, idk if it's blocked or not tho
  • mangadex? just use a vpn
  • Try Google Drive - there are folders out there
  • idk if its unblocked at ur school but I use manga4life or whtever the fuck its called -Ava/KyoMiyake on my fwends account uwu
How can I watch cyberpunk edgerunners for free
  • Piracy
  • nice try fbi
  • piracy
  • Download it from nyaa.
  • Pirate it.
  • You can pirate it!
My collection of art is growing. Thank you all.
  • :D
  • Yee haw
  • yez
  • h
  • huh?
  • bruh
thank you
please go on the slides
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