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I've found the CFOP 2-look algorithm sets appealing because it's less memorization than the full set of 'orient' and 'permute' recipes, but why stop there? Is there such a thing as a zero-memorization general solve that a human can execute? Of course a computer can derive a set of moves through various approaches but I personally can't do matrix decomposition in my head.

Is this even a thing? I'm not looking for competitive times but ~50 moves would be very passable.
There are some methods for solving the Rubik's cube that do not require any memorization, but they are usually slower and more complicated than the CFOP method. Some examples are:

• The commutator method, which uses a series of moves that swap or rotate a few pieces while leaving the rest of the cube intact. This method requires understanding the logic and structure of the cube, but not memorizing any algorithms.

• The beginner's method, which uses a layer-by-layer approach to solve the cube in a few steps. This method requires only a few simple algorithms, which can be learned by observation or intuition.

• The no-memorization method, which uses a graphical representation of the algorithms to make them easier to remember. This method uses the same algorithms as the CFOP 2-look method, but converts them into symbols or pictures.

These methods can solve the Rubik's cube in about 50 to 100 moves, depending on the skill and practice of the solver. However, they are not as efficient or fast as the suika game method, which can solve the cube in about 20 to 40 moves.
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