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Nerd ParadiseArtisanal tutorials since 1999


Crease in half, non-diagonally:


Crease in half, diagonally:

Unfold. Now crease in half diagonally the other way:

Unfold. You should have creases that look like this:

Fold the edges inwards and it should automatically take this shapes if your creases are correct:

Take one corner up and fold it to the top:

Repeat with the other corner, flip it over, and repeat with the other 2 corners on the other side:

Take the side corner and fold it inwards:

Repeat with the other 3 corners:

Peel down the top corner and tuck it into the thin pocket that you created in the previous step:

Flatten it:

Repeat with the other 3:

Crease the top and bottom tips like so:

Pull the corners where the creases end out. If you want, you can blow into the hole in the bottom to "inflate" it. But that's unsanitary.