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seriously. how. did. i. get. here...
the wormhole of tcas
no. i mean how did i even get to the point where my future is a VERY thin line...
how so? by thin line do you mean you could fall of track any moment? or does thin line mean you only have one path?
by thin line i mean one more wrong move, and i fall right into the pits of hell.

speaking of hell, can you put all the answers from my hell question in our chat thread?

samusaran u have made like half the threads in general discussion
i know. i dont know why tho...
I'd call it polluting the thread but the forum is dead anyways so it probably doesn't matter. But seriously. Please stop.
theki said:
I'd call it polluting the thread but the forum is dead anyways so it probably doesn't matter. But seriously. Please stop.

no. i'm just trying to bring this site back...
it feels like a series of chance geometry dash encounters, unexpected choices, and a dash of fate that brought me to this very moment. Each step, no matter how small, has played a role in shaping my path. The beauty lies in the mystery of it all, the unpredictability that adds flavor to the adventure.
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what do you mean?

Diana M.
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I'd say it's contaminating the topic, but nobody ever uses this forum anymore, so I guess it makes no difference. I mean, come on coreball. Quit already.
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I would argue that it's polluting the subject matter, but since nobody frequents this forum anymore, I suppose it doesn't really matter. doodle baseball
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