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BlurbSpy from TCaS.
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That is called my thread. Pure Randomness.
NP died a little during Thanksgiving Break, just like TCaS. Normal.
samusaran u have made like half the threads in general discussion
theki's here so...
Nobody moderates this site, and now the few people keeping it undead are doing all the things that t...
Let's being NP BACK!
im trying to commit to going on np at least once a day for the new people here
oof ok looks like ill be using np
sure. i dont use discord too often tho but i can be reached with it
Fake Blake?
Woah, it's a newly registered user... but isn't this a bot? It's talking very bot-like.
This site is as good as gone.
Imagine if this site came back.
I must be a newborn baby.
NO RULES YARRR!!!!!!!!!!!
I think it's gone.
Seriously, what am I doing here? And why is this such an old site?